Cloud based Warehouse Management System provides Warehouse Visibility


Tim Sensenig

Gray Peaks


Jez Tongue

@logistics Reply


Terry More

General Manager
Bakkavor Logistics

Terry Moore, General Manager of Bakkavor Logistics provides insight of how they utilised a SaaS-based WMS to bring control and visibility to production and distribution operations, to increase customer service levels and to reduce significantly costs associated with out of code products, waste and expensive emergency transportations (incurred when delivery and loading deadlines are missed). He will also provide an overview of how additional SaaS-based modules are starting to provide 360 degree visibility into Bakkavor's inventory and supply chain with the objective to identify areas for controlling and reducing working capital.

Jez Tongue, Partner Reply@logistics provides insight into a 6 week implementation of a SaaS-based fulfilment solutions across 2 commerce facilities (in the US and the UK) for a $100 billion retailer. Risk and execution just prior to Black Friday.

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